jamie stahler

Jamie has been going to Disney since she was a little girl.  
Her family lived in Florida when she was growing up and
they often went with other families every weekend with
their Florida season pass.​

 Jamie’s love of Disney continued when her husband Chris 
(who is now also a Disney Travel Planner) gave her a trip 
to Disney for her first Christmas present (knew he was a keeper).  
They took their daughter when she was just 6 months old (it is never
too early) and they have been trying to go every year with both of their
children (Samantha is now 11 and Daniel is 8).  With every age, there are
new things to enjoy! 

Her favorite resorts are Port Orleans French Quarter and The Polynesian Resort. Her goal is to stay at EVERY resort, but she has never stayed at a Disney resort she did not like! 

Her favorite restaurant is 'Ohana at The Polynesian Resort.  Her family loves Hawaii (ask her about Aulani and all of the islands) so this resort is special for her.   Watching the fireworks from here is fabulous!

She loves Tomorrowland Indy Speedway because her Dad let her "drive" and would often tease her and say that she was never getting her driver's license.  Now she enjoys sees her son "driving” and they share lots of giggles!   Jamie says, "I am probably the only person that cries and laughs on that ride, but my Dad passed away a couple of years ago and I cherish those memories." 

In addition to  Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, Jamie also loves roller coasters and especially Rockin' Roller Coaster and Space Mountain.  The look on her son’s face is completely priceless on every ride picture captured by Disney’s Memory Maker (ask her about how you can be in every picture and cherish those Disney magical moments).

Jamie's favorite Disney moment? 
She says, "Every time we enter Magic Kingdom and see Cinderella's Castle... there are tears, lots of them.  I get so nostalgic of my own childhood memories and we are so blessed and happy to make magical memories with our children."

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