My Disney experience started when I was 10 years old.  My Dad surprised me by telling me that we were going to the biggest candy store ever. Well I thought that would be amazing. We arrived at Disney Land and yes it was the biggest candy store ever and sooo much more. I grew up watching the Sunday “World of Disney” show and I fell in love with all things Disney! This started my love affair with Walt Disney. I’ve been to Disney Land too many times too count we lived so close…I grew up going there..whether it be for something amazing to do on the weekend or for Senior Night in High School..I literally grew up on Disney. Then I had children and to experience Disney through a child’s eyes is something extra magical.  We moved to Texas 10 years ago and then we started going to Disney World. We went to Disney World at least twice a year..I absolutely love Disney World. In 2018 we moved to Orlando Florida. The reason being “why not move to where we vacation”! This started my new career as a Travel Planner. I was already helping people plan their Disney why not do it for a living right.  I have a lot of experience maneuvering the parks Disney Land as well as Disney World.  On resort or off resort…whatever your needs are I know I can help you have the most magical of vacations. 

Favorite Resort: Animal Kingdom Lodge 
​Favorite Restaurant: Be Our Guest 
​Favorite Attraction: Flight of Passage

Danielle Sigman