charlotte smith

It’s so exciting for me to be sharing Disney with other families!  My family has been enjoying birthdays, holidays and even weddings for years at Disney!  My favorite park will always be The Magic Kingdom.  It just takes me back to my childhood when it was the only Disney attraction in Orlando.  It was such a thrill to walk through those gates as a little girl!  Would I see Cinderella, would I get to hug Mickey?  However, now my biggest thrill is definitely the Tower of Terror!  It makes me scream, it makes me laugh and I could ride it 10 times in a row.  

My favorite resorts are the Boardwalk Inn, because of the lively atmosphere, and the Grand Floridian, because of its elegance.  Honestly though, each and every resort has it’s own special “Disney” quality that will make your vacation unforgettable!

​ I will never forget the moment my son met Goofy, Donald and Daisy at the Cape May Cafe, Beach Club.  They could see that there was something special about Breccan.  They sat at our table, gave him big hugs and took their time with him.  He engaged right away, and it was quite profound for us all to see. In that moment knew that this was our vacation home, and it has been ever since.  

We travel with food allergies, special needs, you name it.  When we embark on a Disney Cruise or take our annual trip to Walt Disney World, I know that our needs will be met without difficulty, without stress.  For us it truly is “The Most Magical Place on Earth. “  

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