I first caught Disney fever when I visited the Walt Disney World resort in 1992 at the age of 8. This was during the Magic Kingdom’s 20th anniversary celebration. I said then that when I grew up I was going to get a job where I could go back to Disney World whenever I wanted. Dreams do come true. I was able to turn that childhood dream into a reality. 

My second wind of Disney luck came when I married someone who loved Disney as much as I do. We have been able to enjoy Disney as both a couple without children, a couple expecting our first child and as a family of four. We’ve celebrated holidays with Disney as well as our own special occasions. A certain mouse even announced our pregnancy for us. All of the visits we took pre and post kids are equally magical in their own way. However, if I had to choose one that stands out to me the most then nothing was more magical than the day we were able to take our girls to Harmony Barbershop on Main Street USA for their very first haircuts. I’m passionate about finding these little experiences that typically aren’t something you do with every Disney trip to make the trip unique. You will never have the same Disney trip twice no matter how many times you’ve gone. 

I hope to plan you and your family the prefect Disney vacation full of personal touches along the way.