It is my biggest dream for this job to be able to make other peoples Disney Vacations absolutely and unequivocally magical, like all of my Disney experiences have been. As a type-A planner focused on efficiency & time management, and a self-proclaimed "Foodie", I have made every effort with every trip I have planned for friends & family to take the overwhelming aspect out of planning so that everyone can relax, stop worrying, start having fun and still feel like they got to do, see, and eat everything!  Let me help you plan your Disney vacation, so you can focus on creating those magical moments that you will cherish for years to come!

Favorite Resort: The Polynesian
Favorite Restaurant: Les Chefs de France
Favorite Attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean

Theresa Walker smith

My first trip to Disney World was not until I was 18 years old. I had begged my parents to take my throughout my formative years, but it was not financially possible for us at that time. Once I was 18, I was given the opportunity to travel to Disney World to perform with my dance studio from my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania., as part of Disney's Magic Music Days. I will never forget arriving at Magic Kingdom for the first time & walking down Main Street to the Castle. It was 7am, and we were given a backstage tour of the park before it opened for the day,  It was completely quiet, and still, and there was nobody there, and as we walked in the sun came bursting out behind the castle, and the music began playing. I burst into tears of joy and it was the most magical experience I've ever had. From that moment on I was hooked on Disney. Luckily for me, I met my husband a couple of years later, and he was born with Disney in his blood, one of those families I always admired who went every year for their big vacation. Craig taught me all the ins & outs of the parks, and has REALLY turned me into a Disney monster!

Fast forward to this past year, 2018, and I was finally able to give my parents the gift that they had been unable to give me, when I surprised them with a trip to Disney World in February. Craig and I planned everything down to the minute - including the absolute best dining experiences each park has to offer, the most streamlined and efficient navigation through each parks to accommodate my moms accessibility needs (she has a bad hip, so needed a scooter for the duration of our trip), and nabbed the must-have fastpasses to avoid long lines & maximize our time! We stayed for 5 days, and I booked us as the Port Orleans Riverside, which was of special significance to me, as that was the first resort I ever stayed in. Being in their mid-70's, and not particularly "ride people" they were not sure if Disney would be something they would enjoy, and they left saying they had the absolute time of their lives and they cannot wait to go back again. Watching them watch the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, Ride Pirates of the Caribbean, play Toy Story Mania, & see them take in the splendor of Fantasmic and Happily Ever After was like watching your kids experience it for the first time. I cried watching their faces light up over this magic that DIsney does like nobody else, and we are all adults!