Debbie Waldon

My passion started for anything Disney started at a very young age, when my brothers would drag their “kid sister” to movies.  One of my first memories is the way the scene is created in the movie “Bambi”.  I had always dreamed of working for Mr. Disney in the “Ink and Paint Department” on the films.  When Walt would come into our living rooms every Sunday night with “The Wonderful World of Color”, he was welcomed with open arms.  When he out lined his plans for Disney World on that show I remember laying on our living room floor and asking my mom if our Minnesota based family could maybe go there one day.  From a small town in Minnesota, I was hooked.

 Although I never got there as a child, during the summer between my junior and senior year of college I reached my dream of working for “The Mouse”, not as an artist, but as a production assistant ion the “Wish Upon a Star” series.  It was fun, it was magical, it was short lived.  It left me wanting to learn more.

After college, I had other dreams to chase.  It wasn’t until 1992 when I was married, that I actually went to Disney World.  I remember booking that first trip and how frustrating it was, because our local travel agent had very little knowledge about the place.  Our first trip down there was two week “extravaganza” or so it seemed. I came back with brochures and maps and notes intending to share them with our booking agent.  When I walked into her office and told her about it, and offered her my mementos, she was polite, but really didn’t want them.  She listened about the trip, and then asked me where I wanted to go next,  and looked at me like I was crazy when I gave her one word…”BACK!”

Right then and there, I decided I wanted to be a travel agent, and more importantly, a Disney Specialist.  So I went to travel school, and after a few years as a corporate agent, I moved over to leisure travel and to the office where I had booked my initial trip.  By then, I had been lucky enough to visit Disney many times.  I think the last time I booked a trip for us, I was told we had visited over 40 times.  We have explored Disney on our own, with family and friends.  Both my husband and I have attended the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas parties, Mickey’s Not so Very Scary party, the Food and Wine Fest and the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.  We have done the various tours offered at each of the parks, and have been guests at all of the resorts but four at Disney World and have experienced the three hotels at Disneyland.  We’ve seen a lot of changes, but have found each trip to be magical.  We have also become familiar with travel in Florida, being baseball fans for the spring training Grapefruit league, roller coaster riders, and fans of the NASA space program.  I love it when my clients come back to me with their thoughts and comments about their trips and to learn from their experiences... I also look forward to sharing the tips I have learned with them for the next adventure.  Whether it be California, Florida, Disney Adventure Tours or the fabulous Disney Cruise line, I enjoy helping my clients get the most for their money, and having them create their own Disney Magic.